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21 June 2009 @ 09:48 pm
Ugh. Spent most of friday and part of this evening troubleshooting my pc after what was probably a nasty trojan slipped past my firewall and made it impossible for me to log onto any accounts on my machine anymore... In the end I was able to fix the error by using a bartPE boot disk and diving into the registry, and copying some backup files from my Windows XP installation CD. Sadly a lot of user settings and some device drivers were lost in the process.

Now that I've recovered the driver for my Ethernet card and downloaded a handy little freeware tool that'll help me recover my other drivers I figure I might as well format the entire pc and reinstall Windows from scratch - I backed up the important files to my external HD anyway so I might as well clean the entire thing while I'm at it. Hell, it's been a year without any serious pc trouble like this, I suppose I was overdue for something like this to happen. ;P
16 June 2009 @ 11:08 pm
So, yeah, I didn't die in London or anything, I just... haven't been posting. Yeah. Go figure.

Anyway, just stopping by to mention I had by final exam for the year so... I suppose this means I've got me thar vacation till the first of September, then! Granted it's a not at all deserved vacation considering I've been both occasionally sick and consistently lazy this year meaning I'll have to try a LOT harder next year to catch up. Luckily if I pass the course I had said exam for today (which, considering I only need to score about a 3 out of 10 on said exam to get a passing grade should be good) I'll at least have massed enough points to be allowed to stay on, but still... blegh. Should try harder next year AT THE VERY LEAST.

That said this is really all I got the energy to write at the current time... probably gonna kick back and see if I can make some advances in the last chapters of RE4, maybe watch an episode or two of Harvey Birdman then hit the hay. I'll be mass-updating both cosplay.com and devart with recent cosplay photos some time in the coming days, and around that time I might make some updates here as well. No promises, as usual. ; )
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21 May 2009 @ 01:11 am
So I'm all packed and ready to head out to London tomorrow, bright 'n early! We'll be flying from Schiphol airport at about 12'o clock and arriving at Gatwick around the same time (time travel zones ftw!).

We'll be at London MCM Expo on Saturday and Sunday giving us Thursday, Friday 'n Monday to rummage around town for touristy stuff and whatnot... personally I don't have much specific plans apart from visiting the Casino Arcade on Goodge Street (I MUST see if they really have KOF XII!), so as to any particulars, you'll have to wait untill my return. So, in other words: more on this story when I get back!
17 May 2009 @ 01:26 am
Dear god where the fuck has all this rain been coming from the past two days? This is the second time I've gotten COMPLETELY drenched from just ten minutes of cycling. Ugh.

Apart from that I had a pretty cool day tho'. Had a blast at isabelgou 's b-day party which mostly consisted of tea and cookies (donned part of my Mad Hatter outfit for the occasion!), random Youtube stuff and the staple weird geeky discussions that I usually expect from occasions such as these. ;P Thanks for the fun times guys, I've been feeling a wee bit down lately so this was cool as a pick-me-up! : D I also kind of re-discovered the awesome that is Drs. P so I'm probably hijacking my dad's Drs. P cds tomorrow. <3

As I took my leave around midnight I contemplated dropping by at another birthday in Amersfoort which'd probably moved to a local pub over there by that time but after a phonecall I found out most of the people I'd actually be coming for had already vacated so I just decided to go on home... probably just as well because attending said other party'd at least cost me some extra cash for a train ticket and also likely part of or the entirety of my night's rest - it's late now too but at least I can get a good amount of sleep and still do something useful tomorrow, hopefully. ;P Am off to London for London MCM Expo on thursday tho' (!!!) so at least expect me to write something on that (and hopefully photos!)+

Also also the promised Animecon report'll probably not be happening as the event's already been past for two weeks and I still haven't gotten to it - I might feel like it later but don't expect much, for now just have a link to the photo's I made that weekend! I'll at least have to update cosplay.com/devart with Bridget pictures, maybe, as I'm not totally fond of the few I shot but I'll probably not wear the costume again any time soon (it was cool as a joke, but I did feel rather silly in it ;P), so I'll probably end up posting the photos I have eventually.

Also random: ever since Bryan expressed an interest in cosplaying Lupin III some time I've had this urge to cosplay either Jigen or Goemon... Should try 'n plan this for Abunai, would be pretty awesome : D

Ok off to bed now, for I am le tired! \o/

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06 May 2009 @ 05:59 pm
Okay, I am having WAY too much fun folding Menger Cubes from left-over Magic cards. Time to get back to studying, god damnit! D<

One day, I am SO making a level 2 Menger Cube out of these <3

EDIT: Oh, and I am posting an Acon report (with photos!) SOON, as soon as I feel like it and find the time... for now know that it was awesome, I had the time of my life, as usual, and nerf-guns are way too much fun if you put five to six people each armed with one into a tiny hotel room. : D

28 April 2009 @ 02:11 pm
Guys, far be it for me to ask but... why the heck does it have to be raining? D< I have to deliver mail this afternoon for pete's sake... ugh, this isn't gonna be pretty.
26 April 2009 @ 03:12 am
So with the extra day to prepare and whatnot I rather ended up slacking but my EFF preparations be done! The Mad Hatter outfit is officially finished and my picknick basket for the day contains:

- A thermoscan with hot water
- A number of teabags
- A teapot and five cups and saucers
- A picknick rug
- A jar of marmalade
- A jar of strawberry jam
- A knife
- Five sandwiches
- A deck of cards
- A pile of Merry Unbirthday cards

Yeah, I may have went a bit overboard there. Still, tomorrow should be pretty awesome. ; )
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23 April 2009 @ 11:55 pm
So, take a look at this quant little countdown site Capcom recently put up on the web. So far it's anyone's guess what tu4ar stands for, but with all the hinting at and rumoring of a Marvel VS Capcom 2 port for the ps3 network and Xbox Live Arcade, could it possibly be...
21 April 2009 @ 08:02 pm
Ugh, just got word that Lies won't be at the Elf Fantasy Fair on Saturday, which effectively neuters the Alice in Wonderland group we had planned (she's gonna be the Queen of Hearts). Thing is she'll be there on Sunday but me and some of the guys already had plans to go to a retro gaming fair that day... way for my entire weekend to be jumbled up.

Emergency MSN planning convo in 15 minutes!
20 April 2009 @ 07:52 pm
"Stranger, stranger! Now that's a weapon!"

Gotta love pirate merchant's reaction in Resident Evil 4 when you buy the rocket launcher from him. XD He was probably less happy when I shot him in the face with it tho'. (yes, I did save before trying that out ;P)
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20 April 2009 @ 09:46 am
Another morning, another day, another week and soforth. Kind of iffed I haven't gotten my books for uni yet, if it takes another day or two more I'm gonna run into some scheduling trouble, especially considering I officialy have over a hundred pages to read out of one of 'em for this Wednesday. D< I dropped a course and also missed a re-exam for another course last period due to personal circumstances so I seriously need to get stuff right this period. Should probably have breakfast then nip out and do some groceries (am alone for another week here, ze mom's on vacation with her boyfriend). After that I'll probably try 'n make some more headway on my Mad Hatter costume. The coat's starting to look REALLY good, so now I should see what I can do about my waistcoat and maybe the pants.

Celebrated Marc's birthday this weekend, was pretty fun in all. We had a lot of fun at some swings at a nearby playground, I drank dubious amounts of alcohol (but still avoided getting the least bit drunk \o/), got into King of Fighters (who knew Ash Crimson was such a blatant and effective Guile clone?) and even picked up a free bicycle on the way home! Original plan was to walk to The Hague HS train station when I left around 4 in the morning which would've taken me about 45 minutes. Picked up a bike with a flat tire and no brakes at Laan van NOI station near which Marc lives to shorten the journey... and exchanged it for a perfectly fine bicycle which even has working lights when I got to HS, so in the end I just cycled home (all the while feeling astoundingly sober). Blatant thievery perhaps, but fuck it, I've had plenty bikes stolen from me in my time and those were all locked like they should be so if this guy just dumps his bike somewhere without locking it then tough shit. Besides, these're the Netherlands: finding an unlocked bicycle is like finding ten bucks on the street. Finders keepers.

Oh, and incidentally: plane tickets for London be mine! Hotel's also been booked, we'll be going there from Thursday May 21st to Monday the 25th: London Expo'll be during the weekend and the rest of the time we'll be hanging around sightseeing and whatnot. Also the Elf Fantasy Fair'll be next weekend and Animecon the weekend after that so there's fun times awaiting me in the future 'n whatnot! ;)
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15 April 2009 @ 09:03 am
Wow, actually got out of bed at a decent hour on a free day. Who'd have thought. So, anyway, plans for today:

- Change bed covers and vaccuum room
- Perhaps get some more work in on Mad Hatter
- See what books for next uni semester I can get on the internet
- Get some money from my study account to my regular account
- The Hague with Casper, Bryan 'n potentially Marc - first to the market for some cosplay-related supplies then probably just playing cards somewhere
- If giant 2XL dress shirt hasn't come in when I get home, email the website to ask what gives
- Maybe try and beat Castlevania II for the Gameboy

But first, breakfast and the new Nostalgia Critic vid!